IPAD app FEATURES - for your field workforce


Document all your data on-field

Document all your job related information with just a few clicks. Pictures, Dry logs, Worksheets, Equipment logs, Contents restoration worksheets. 






Track jobs status

Track the status of your jobs realtime and forget about communication with back office. Our app takes care of that for you.



Store your data on cloud

Access all your information anywhere, anytime.







web portal features - for your office staff


Claims management

With a single and consistent view of all information categorized per customer, claims management will be easy like never before. We provide tailor made portals to your clients, TPAs, adjustors to view claims status and associated documentation.


One - click invoicing

Our system can integrate with your accounting system and facilitate a 1 click invoicing.


Monitor project status and progress

We provide beautiful visualization of project status and business intelligence that the CEO and office staff can view realtime.


Client directory

You can quickly look up all your client information and a detailed view of what is going on with each of them